Alternatives to Bankruptcy

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Across the United States, bankruptcies are caused by unfortunate and unforeseen emergencies. Whether caused by medical expenses, divorce, losing a job, or poor spending habits, bankruptcy is a major life-altering decision that can be used as a last resort for people facing financial distress.

However, bankruptcy is not always the only way out of severe debt. At Lam Law Firm, your Myrtle Beach bankruptcy lawyer Huong T. Lam helps clients get the fresh start they deserve by finding alternatives to bankruptcies and can educate you on the options available to you before you even have to file for bankruptcy!

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What are the Alternatives to Filing Bankruptcy?

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What are the Alternatives to Filing Bankruptcy?

There are several ways to avoid filing for bankruptcy including:

  • Make changes to your spending habits
  • Try to settle your debts with your creditors
  • Establish an emergency fund of at least a few months of living expenses saved
  • Ensure that you are adequately insured
  • Maintain your debt ratio at 20% of your take home pay or lower

If filing for bankruptcy is unavoidable, Attorney Lam is ready and able to assist you throughout the entire process by providing a compassionate and understanding ear and skilled legal advocacy on your behalf. When your financial future is at risk, you can turn to a bankruptcy attorney in Myrtle Beach for the support and guidance you need.

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Are you facing bankruptcy in South Carolina? Don’t give up hope! Attorney Lam may be able to meet with you to discuss several possible ways you can avoid filing for bankruptcy. Your case is important to our firm and we look forward to helping you find a positive outcome as soon as possible.

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