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  • How Can I Save More Money During the Holidays?

    The holidays are finally here, but do you have enough money for all the gifts you need to buy and parties you have to attend? Keep reading to find out how you can save funds during the holiday season. Make a Budget While the word “budget” doesn’t appeal to everyone, you need to establish a spending cap or allocate a specific amount of money for each person you want to buy a gift for. If you decide ...
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  • Why It's Never Too Late to Start Saving Money

    Are you starting to feel stressed out because you’re constantly worrying about how much money you have in your savings? No matter what stage of life you are in, it is never too late to start setting aside money for emergencies and major purchases, such as buying your first home and preparing for retirement. Make a Realistic Budget Add up all of your expenses and all your sources of income. ...
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  • Three Tips That Can Save You Money

    At the Lam Law Firm, LLC, we have years of experience handling bankruptcy matters on behalf of clients throughout South Carolina. Our lawyers have seen it all when it comes to bankruptcy cases, but one thing that remains consistent is the fact that the majority of bankruptcy cases could have been avoided with better financial planning. Below, we give you three tips that can help you save money and ...
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  • How to Avoid Common Holiday Scams

    For many people, the holiday season is truly the most wonderful time of the year, from spending time with loved ones to exchanging thoughtful gifts. However, some unethical people view the holidays as a chance to take advantage of people when their guard is down. Holiday financial scams are unfortunately becoming more common with every passing year – in fact, the IRS even released a warning this ...
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  • 5 New Year's Resolutions to Save Your Budget

    We get it: Budgeting is hard. Throughout 2018, you may have felt a lot of frustration as you watched your credit dip deeper into the red, while your savings accounts fell to the wayside. But now it’s going to be a brand new year, which means you can make some New Year’s resolutions to yourself – and your budget. At Lam Law Firm, our Myrtle Beach bankruptcy lawyer Huong Lam knows how difficult it ...
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  • Preparing for the Expenses of the Holidays

    The holiday season is quickly approaching, bringing all kinds of fun parties, last minute travel plans, and of course, gift exchanges. While giving gifts is a beautiful way to celebrate the people you love, it can also take a tremendous toll on your credit card – and if you’re already in serious debt, too many holiday purchases can add unnecessary anxiety to your New Year’s financial planning. At ...
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  • 5 Apps That Can Help You Save Money

    Whether they are for social media platforms or for e-commerce services, we rely on smartphone apps to conduct various activities that affect our everyday lives. There are even apps that help us save money. For many people, saving money, budgeting, and tracking all of their finances are all challenging. According to the Federal Reserve, 44 percent of Americans said they couldn’t come up with $400 ...
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  • How Should I Budget My Monthly Expenses?

    It might not be fun or glamorous, but learning to budget your finances is an important part of maintaining your financial stability. Having a good budget in place can help you identify what aspect of your finances needs to be strengthened. Below, we give you some tips that can help you create a practical monthly budget. Know Your Monthly Income Before you can make a budget, you need to know the ...
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  • Avoid Using Credit Cards for Christmas Purchases

    Avoid Using Credit Cards for Christmas Purchases Avoid Using Credit Cards for Christmas Purchases It’s that time of year again… the most joyful time yet also the most stressful time of year for folks who struggle financially. Christmas keeps getting bigger and bigger each year as expectations from your kids or family far exceed your income level which keeps getting smaller and smaller each year. ...
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