How to Avoid Winter Car Accidents

Now that winter is here, you need to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the cold weather and other emergencies you might encounter this time of year. Here are four safety tips you need to remember if you want to avoid accidents and injuries this winter.

#1: Inspect Your Vehicle

Don’t drive your vehicle this winter without first ensuring it is ready for the harsh weather. Your winter inspection list should include:

  • Checking your tire pressure
  • Installing winter tires
  • Installing new wiper blades
  • Replacing windshield washer fluid with an antifreeze variety
  • Charging / changing your battery

#2: Clear Snow from Your vehicle

Before you start driving, you need to make sure you scrape snow and ice from the vehicle’s windows. If you don’t clear off all the ice or snow, your visibility will be greatly reduced and you might end up in a serious accident.

#3: Don’t Drive Too Fast

Snow and ice can cause the roads to become slippery, which impacts your car’s braking, turning, and acceleration. Although you should obey all posted speed limits, you might need to reduce your speed when it is snowing or raining to avoid skidding. It is important to leave yourself enough time and space to react if your vehicle starts to slip because your tires lose their grip, so keep your speed under 45 mph. If your car does start to skid, you should turn your wheel in the direction of the slide. Do not slam on the brakes if your car skids. Remember, if your vehicle starts to skid, you are driving too fast.

#4: Adjust the Heat

Although you might be more comfortable running the heater in your car when it’s cold outside, you might become drowsy if it gets too warm in the cabin. After you warm your car up, adjust the temperature to around 72 degrees to ensure you are alert while you drive.

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