How Can I Save More Money During the Holidays?

The holidays are finally here, but do you have enough money for all the gifts you need to buy and parties you have to attend? Keep reading to find out how you can save funds during the holiday season.

Make a Budget

While the word “budget” doesn’t appeal to everyone, you need to establish a spending cap or allocate a specific amount of money for each person you want to buy a gift for. If you decide exactly how much you can spend ahead of time, then you are more likely to spend less on gifts.

Make a List

Your kids aren’t the only ones who should make a list for the holidays. Lists are a great way to keep track of all the people you have to get gifts for and to watch you’re spending. If you stick to your list throughout the holidays, you won’t end up exceeding your holiday budget.

Use Cash

People who struggle with credit card debt should consider only using cash to buy holiday gifts. Decide on a specific amount of cash you want to withdraw from your accounts, and once that money is all gone, don’t spend / take out any more cash until the holidays are over.

Be Careful Using Credit Cards

If you do use your credit cards to buy gifts, try your best to immediately pay off the purchases. If you have multiple cards in use, pick the one with the lowest interest rate to use during the holidays.

Send E-Cards

E-cards are a great way to save money because they are usually free and don’t require you to pay for postage. If you want to have fun making your holiday e-cards, you can invite friends and family over to make an event out of it.

Cheap Holiday Activities

The following are cheap activities you can turn into annual holiday traditions:

  • Visit Santa at the mall
  • Bake holiday treats together
  • Read Christmas stories aloud
  • Make Christmas crafts, such as a gingerbread house
  • Sledding
  • Tour neighborhood Christmas lights
  • Caroling

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