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Blog Posts in September, 2017

  • Be Careful Using Social Media During Bankruptcy

    Social media is all about sharing: whether it’s what you ate for dinner, a cute photo of your dog, or a video of your young child taking their first steps, we share our thoughts, feelings, and emotions with the world. Unfortunately, this habit of sharing can go too far and actually put you in a bad situation, especially if you’re involved in a legal issue like declaring bankruptcy. Beware ...
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  • Can I Get Sued for Delinquent Credit Card Debt?

    If you’re struggling with credit card debt, the constant calls from debt collectors and pressure from creditors can be overwhelming. However, you might be wondering if things can take an even bigger turn for the worse and your creditors can move to take legal action against you. Unfortunately, the answer is yes, a credit card company could potentially sue you and a lawsuit can be extremely ...
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