What Not to Say to the Insurance Company After an Accident

Immediately following a car accident, the first thing you should do is protect yourself from liability. Never admit to anything and try to keep the conversations with the other drivers involved to a minimum. At this point, the only ones with whom you should be speaking are your insurance company and your personal injury lawyer.

However, you must be careful not to mention anything to the insurance company as well. Whatever you do say can jeopardize your chances of getting the maximum coverage for your accident. It may also affect the premiums that you pay for.

As the founding attorney of Lam Law Firm, I have found that many people make this same mistake time and time again and use the wrong words to describe the incident. What I can do as a Myrtle Beach car accident attorney is to provide you with sound legal advice which may be useful when negotiating with the insurance company. This is how we can help you obtain a favorable outcome for your claim.

Keep these in mind when you are discussing your accident case:

1. Do not admit fault.

It doesn’t matter if you were at fault or not. Do not say anything that may make the adjuster believe that you had any part in causing the accident.

2. Stick to the facts.

When retelling the incident, do not stray from the actual events. Don’t add your opinions or “best guesses,” as this can be harmful in the long run. You could be found at-fault, which might reduce the amount of payout available.

3. Seek full medical treatment and document everything.

The insurance companies will want a record of all of the doctor’s appointments you had and all of the treatments you received. These documents will be used to supplement your claim, and many insurance companies will also require this.

4. Do not use the word “whiplash.”

An insurance adjuster views “whiplash” as a red flag. This is because the injury does not show on an X-ray and thus, will be difficult to prove. Adjusters will always be dubious and will look for every excuse to deny a claim if they believe you are lying. You can bet that the adjusters will research your claim thoroughly and will enforce the policy if they find you have been lying.

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