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Blog Posts in May, 2016

  • Protect Yourself from Summer Auto Accidents

    Summer is here! I imagine that many of you will be taking road trips, going on vacations, or taking a drive to the beach, or some exotic locale. This is the time of year that you will find many cars on the road as people will be traveling, enjoying the outdoors, and taking in what the landscape has to offer. That means that summer is also the season that has the highest incidence of auto ...
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  • What Not to Say to the Insurance Company After an Accident

    Immediately following a car accident , the first thing you should do is protect yourself from liability. Never admit to anything and try to keep the conversations with the other drivers involved to a minimum. At this point, the only ones with whom you should be speaking are your insurance company and your personal injury lawyer. However, you must be careful not to mention anything to the insurance ...
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