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Blog Posts in March, 2017

  • What Bankruptcy Can & Can’t Do

    American case law is in a constant state of striking a balance between a business’ right to operate and an individual’s right to their own property. As a result, our nation has pioneered a forgiving and powerful consumer rights system, the crown jewel of which is our bankruptcy process. However, as powerful as it is, there’s plenty of misunderstanding about what it can actually do. Today’s blog ...
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  • How Bankruptcy Affects Your Student Loans

    There’s a common misconception that student loans are impossible to discharge. Granted, the test for discharging student loans is difficult, perhaps unreasonably so. Filing for student loan discharge is also cost-prohibitive—you’ll absolutely need an attorney to help you do it, but paying them is difficult for people who are unable to make their student loan payments. However, there are definite ...
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